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What is syphilis?

Syphilis is a serious sexually transmitted ailment (STD) that can damage your body’s organs, including your seat of life, life-blood vessels, brain, full of nerves combination of parts to form a whole and eyes.

Many more cases of syphilis More women have become infected with the syphilis contagion in recent years than before. Are you one of these women?

Syphilis and you You could have a syphilis contagion and not know it, because syphilis usually doesn’t damage. You could have a little abscess on your vagina, anus, lips or cavity between the jaws and not observation it.

Mother-to-child syphilis

How is syphilis dilate?

You can get syphilis by melting your partner’s syphilis abscess during any humane of sex: vaginal, anal or spoken (cavity between the jaws.) Syphilis sores can be on the penis, vagina, anus, lips or cavity between the jaws. Bets10 giriş 2022. You may not see them.

Not difficult to restorative! As good luck would have it, syphilis is not difficult to restorative with antibiotics. It’s of moment for both you and your associate to be treated.

If you become enceinte If you already have syphilis when you become enceinte, or get syphilis while you are enceinte, you can dilate syphilis to your infant babe during pregnancy or at origin. This is called coeval with birth syphilis. It’s also called female parent-to-chit syphilis.

See a instructor as soon as possible! If you think you may be enceinte, scroll a of medicine exam as soon as possible. There are many reasons for this. One mind is that the instructor will proof you for syphilis and other STDs.

When are enceinte women tried for syphilis?

Enceinte women are tried at their first prenatal go to see. Some are re-tried during their third quarter (28-32 weeks) and when the infant babe is delivered.

What could come to a infant babe with syphilis?

An to be born infant babe or newborn infant babe infected with syphilis could:
• be stillborn (dead when born)
• die within the first month after origin
• go through from origin defects involving the full of nerves combination of parts to form a whole or bones
• go through from blindness or deafness
• go through from pelt lesions (sores) and scarring
• go through from other problems

Talking to your instructor about sex Doctors converse to all enceinte women about their sexual practices. You may be displeasing when this happens, but it’s of moment to reply the doctor’s questions truthfully. Aviator oyna, your canvassing will be not to be communicated.

You may be asked:
• the calculate of partners you’ve had in the past year
• your partner’s or partners’ sex
• whether your partners are firm or incidental
• whether any of your partners have other sex partners or have been in house of correction or have HIV
• the types of sex you’ve had (vaginal, spoken or anal)
• whether you’ve had sex while taking drugs or intemperate habits highly rectified spirit
• which methods you have used to save yourself from STDs and HIV
• which methods you have used to intercept pregnancy
• your anterior annals of STDs

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